Why Frozen Yogurt Franchises are So Attractive (and Profitable!)

When it comes to a grand profit potential combined with a product that everybody loves, few small businesses can compete with the frozen yogurt market. If you’re considering opening a frozen yogurt franchise, you should know that when you do, you’ll be joining the growing ranks of savvy entrepreneurs all over the world who recognize a great business investment when they see it.

Frozen yogurt is the go-to dessert for today’s health-conscious fun-seekers. It began as a health craze and, within about ten short years, usurped more than ten percent of the world’s entire dessert market. It’s just that good.

This hugely popular product is now taking over kiosks and businesses that used to sell ice cream. It’s a sumptuous treat that definitely leans toward the healthy side of the street. Dessert-loving parents love it for the sake of their kids’ health, as well as their own. And weight-watchers adore frozen yogurt for its low-cal, nutritious advantages over that decadent old standby, ice cream.

Just look at some of the attractive benefits frozen yogurt has over ice cream:

  • Milk, not cream, is used in frozen yogurt, whereas calorie-engorged heavy cream is practically ice cream’s whole reason for being. Consequently, frozen yogurt has fewer calories and less fat than ice cream.
  • The milk used in making the product can be low-fat or fat-free, vastly adding to its health benefits.
  • Honey, agave, and other substitutes can be employed, rather than sugar, bumping up the health angle as they sweeten the product.
  • You’ll find a more comforting array of nutrients in frozen yogurt than you will in regular ice cream. The active cultures of live, friendly bacteria, the good stuff, found in yogurt give it that distinctive tang we all love. But they also provide those sought-after probiotics we all need for good digestion. Did you know that the probiotics in yogurt help break down heavy carbs, along with other nutrients the body normally has a hard time digesting?
  • More flavor and topping options work with frozen yogurt than with ice cream. This is a treat that begs for creativity. Get a kick with kiwi or a zest for Zen with green tea flavoring. Everything from the tried-and-true to the trendy works with wonderful, infinitely satisfying frozen yogurt!

What’s in a franchise?

Buying into a business franchise opportunity can provide lots of further advantages for the venture capitalist looking to make it by capitalizing on the tidal wave popularity of frozen yogurt. These plusses include some extremely solid, practical benefits. Below are a just a few:

  1. Extra brand popularity – Hooking your star to an already-established frozen yogurt franchise automatically bestows all the parent company’s credibility and brand popularity on your new frozen yogurt store.
  2. Extra help – The parent company wants you to succeed in your new business venture every bit as much as you do. They will normally provide you access to their customer base, assistance on analyzing the customer demographics in your area, and mentoring in the form of handing over to you all the information they earned through years of experience. Your research on location, equipment, décor, and recipes will already be done for you before you ever pick up the key to the front door…the key that may change your life forever.
  3. Legal issues – Sign on with an already-existing frozen yogurt franchise and you will almost certainly be able to tap into a well of wisdom regarding the laws and regulations your business must adhere to in order to be deemed acceptable by your city and state. These issues can be complicated, so jumping on the franchise wagon makes sense on this front alone.
  4. Fast-track funding – Buying into an established frozen yogurt franchise gives the investor an automatic leg up in a business opportunity that’s recognized most everywhere as an extremely solid one. Banks and other lending institutions and backers, including the Small Business Association, as well as private investors like your Uncle Max, are more likely to take that all-important leap of faith required to hand over cold start-up cash to a business loan petitioner looking to break into the frozen yogurt business by jumping on the franchise wagon.

Entrepreneur.com recently posted a list of the top franchises for frozen dessert.

Hook your Frozen Yogurt Franchise Dream to a Star!

Now that frozen yogurt is coming into its own, it’s never been easier—or smarter—to hook your dream to a franchise star. With a wonderful, beneficial product that sells itself, plus the cornucopia of benefits and entrepreneur ideas that flood in when you team up with an established frozen yogurt franchise, it’s one of the best choices on the planet for an enterprising businessperson.

Being the owner/administrator of a frozen yogurt store is, in fact, one of the most fulfilling, exciting small business opportunities around, allowing the dedicated entrepreneur abundant latitude to soar and explore. It’s one of today’s finest arenas for an investment impresario to successfully express his or her love of life, people, and the sweet nature of things in general.

Why Do Franchises Work So Well?